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Solved cases???

Hey guys. Listen, i'm thinking about doing something when I get older. Like when I grow up, I might want to do something like help solve cases (and whatnot). And I want to start training now. Problem is, I don't know where to find any already solved ca ... - The Bloodstained Kunai

All things lead to love

(yet another fanfic by me! More or less decated to the cupols on Ac!*looks at Doku and DarkMousey*.....anyway tell me what you think. I get good feed back I'll put it on FanFiction.net! The Vatican had been quite for about a week now, and was 1 day from F ... - Iruka

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How Good Is Elfen Lied?

I've never seen this anime series. Has anyone else watched Elfen Lied before? What did you think of it?...


Yummy Ramen...

Annoying Your Favorite Characters!

lol xD i\'m being a meanarse again, oh wellz.....

Msz Pinki, Pinki Msz Pinki, Pinki
love this. la la la.
Gunslinger Girl Gunslinger Girl
gsg wall paper
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